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About Us

Jazz Caffe

Our coffee shop is the perfect place where culture combines in complete harmony with freshly roasted coffee, exquisite deserts and great company. Interesting books and good music are always included as a bonus in our menu. 

Curious to experience different tastes? Our menu includes over 20 types of coffee, a large selection of sandwiches, signature burgers, tasty salads and, of course, original desserts. 

Also, don’t miss out on our surprises: special events created just for our customers. Among them is the Coffee Festival which became the most awaited event of the month.

Jazz Caffe

We offer

Best coffee

For those who like to experience different tastes, we offer a wide range of flavored coffee. It’s truly a delight.

Original recipes

Our secret: we taste every single ingredient and we try to find the perfect balance between taste and texture.

Tasty desserts

Sweets are like the last word in a discussion and we really love having the final word.

Our Team

Jazz Caffe



The secret ingredient for success is the passion for what you do.


Jazz Caffe



Be the reason someone smiles today!


Jazz Caffe



Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.